Red, I love red.

(each painting: 90x130cm)

I was there to give her massage, my own concept: ”intuitive energymassage”.
She had moved into a new apartment, not recently, about a year ago.
A beautiful, elegant apartment in old style, high ceilings, spacious, sparse,
white walls, wooden floors, free from unnecessarily stuff.


– Don’t you like paintings on the walls? I asked.

– Would love to have some! But I haven’t found anything I like yet. I have searched in lots of galleries but… none that has pleased me. I would love to have a real big painting, there, over the sofa. But I am picky. So I’ll wait until I see and feels it is the right one.

– Maybe you would like to have one of mine? I would love to try to paint one especially for you? What do you think about that?

– But what if I don’t like it?

– It would be a nice experiment for me. I’ve never painted on order before. I’m thrilled to try it out. If you don’t like it you don’t have to buy it.

– Yeah! If you say so. Just do it. I love your style.


I went home. I began. I cut the canvas I two pieces.
I waited, waited and there it came, the impulse.
I started a new journey and I painted layers on layers on layers…
with different nuances of red.
I loved it.
And so did she!

You’re very welcome to order a painting in your own colors but in my style:



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