A foggy summer morning

– I love your style, he said. I love your colors, he continued. Do you take orders? he asked.

… Orders? What about? Meaning what? I wondered for myself.

– I mean… if I want you to paint a special object, could you do that? In your style?
– I really don’t know. I’ve never done that before. And as you surely see, I’m painting in an abstract manner, without any objects.
– Yes, I do see that, that’s why I’m asking. Can you? Or maybe I should ask you if you’re willing to do that?
– Soo, what is it that you would like me to paint?
– My farm.

Ausch, ohh nooo, I thought. Paint his farm? Soooo booooring! Nooo!

– Sooo, what do you think?
– I really don’t know. I know there are plenty of other artists able to do it so much better than me.
– But it’s your style I love.
– … Ok. I’ll make a try…

And I started. I painted layers on layers on layers and … surprisingly it was funny, really funny.
Finally, after lots of layers, there it was, the old barn at his farm, a foggy summermorning in the sunrise. I had a great time whilst making it appear on my canvas. So, yes, I take orders.



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